Our picks for the top 10 YouTube gaming channels of 2017.

#10 Dorkly

So while it’s not a “true” gaming channel with reviews and gameplay, if you love video games you’ll love this channel. It has some great comedy sketches all done in the original art style of some of your favorite classic games.

#9 Did You Know Gaming

Did You Know takes you into the history of your favorite games and characters with a variety of fun facts. This is a great channel for all the completionists out there.

#8 The Ben Heck Show

Ben Heck became famous for hacking old and new consoles to make them portable. Now he has his own weekly show where he continues creating amazing Frankenstein gaming systems.

#7 Split Screen Gamer

This up-and-coming channel is great for anyone who loves local multiplayer gaming. Their new show “The Split Screen” is the video game equivalent of Geek & Sundry’s “Tabletop”.

#6 ProJared

Jared loves his RPGs and retro games and has a great library of Top 10s and reviews.

#5 Couch Potatoes

Another fun local multiplayer channel, these guys have a great library of funny let’s plays and “Top 5” lists.

#4 Classic Game Room Undertow

If you want reviews of classic through last gen games, look no further. Although they stopped uploading a year ago, there’s still a library of over 5000 videos to keep you busy for awhile.

#3 Markiplier

Mark is one of the funniest let’s players we’ve watched and an easy pick for a top YouTube gaming channel.


From the combined cast of Rocket Jump and Corridor Digital comes the well produced gaming channel, NODE. If you love gaming with friends or virtual reality, you’ll enjoy the content they produce.

#1 IGN

Love them or hate them, IGN is the ESPN of gaming news and reviews. They have a massive video library and are always cranking out a variety of content. They even managed to save the YouTube video library of GameTrailers when their site shut down a few years ago.